What people are saying...

"Laura has a healing touch! Her massages are wonderful and I always walk away feeling wonderful. I never feel rushed. Laura always give me water after every massage, an important final step that not all massage therapist provide. I highly recommend her." --Lynda Goldstein

"I've used Laura as a massage therapist numerous times, and the experiences were so positive that I have recommended her to others as well. The entire experience from beginning to end is relaxing. She is highly skilled in various forms of massage, is never in a rush, and truly enjoys her work. Anyone looking for a great massage-for problem areas to general well-being-definitely should visit Laura!"  --Amy Blum

"I have gone to Laura over the course of several years for various aliments. Laura worked on my leg after a car accident and I felt that her care and therapy was essential to me for a full recovery. As a part-time musician, Laura has given me advice and treatment for a number of stress and repetitive motion related issues. Laura has a personable and professional manner. While it may take a course of several visits to achieve, she definitely delivers results. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone for Massage Therapy." -- James Barbero


Swedish Massage -  This massage will lull you into a deep state of relaxation. Heat enhances the experience, with a heated table and heat to the neck and back. Swedish massage helps take you to a deep theta state and stresses melt away. Perfect for your first massage and a popular stand by for stress reduction and relaxation.     

                  60min/$75   90min/$95

Deep Tissue/Myofacial/ Trigger Point - Deeper, muscle specific, massage for the purpose of reduction of pain and increase in range of motion. Perfect for athletes, patients in physical therapy or rehabilitating after injury or surgery. Deeper, specific work may have a recovery or "processing" time and is not recommended for your first massage, even if you are currently in pain.      

                      60 min/$85   90 min/$105 

Hot Stone Massage - Heated basalt stones are used to melt stress and tension out of your body. Hot stone massage is an ancient healing art and is highly effective at reducing muscles tension. The ultimate in spa techniques, you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.                                                                     

                               90 min/$125

Thai Herbal Hot Poultice - Steeped in ancient tradition and philosophy, this massage uses a steam heated compress of exotic tropical herbs. The herbs, heat and aromatherapy have a synergistic effect in reducing pain and inflammation, cleansing and nourishing skin as well as relaxing and soothing overworked tired muscles. This treatment uses three distinctly Thai approaches to massage creating unique benefits and dramatic results.  It has been described as "mystical".          

                              120 min/$175

Reflexology - Essential oil massage to the head, hands and feet to effect the body's systems reflexively. Incredibly relaxing. Highly effective. Perfect for first massage and great when your time is limited but your body needs attention.      

                                  45 min/$55 

Pregnancy With experience in preconception massage to post natal massage, feel at ease moms -to-be, we can relax AND we can focus on areas of discomfort. Whatever you need to make you more comfortable and at ease while your body is going through these amazing transitions.                           

                                  60 min/$75

Sports - Designed to enhance performance and recover the body quickly, from golfers to ultra marathoners. There is no athlete is too young or too old for sports massage. Sports massage is key in helping individuals stay active.                  

                                            60 min/$75

Chair/Event - Fundraising events, holiday parties, company incentives, spa parties. A great introduction to massage. Chair massage is the perfect way to bring relaxation to nearly any environment.                                                                

                           $90/hr + travel to event


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