My wish for you.....

Please take a few moments to unwind, recover, relax, and rejuvenate. Your best self awaits.

" I’ve been getting therapeutic bodywork from Laura for about 10 years now, usually once or twice per month. She’s shown herself to be a master of deep tissue work with the aid of hot stones. At times, I’d ask Laura to apply deep pressure to work to release some of the knots in my muscles. Medi-cupping was a game changer! It released tension in my muscle and surrounding tissues more quickly and efficiently than the hot stone and deep tissue work that Laura had been so skillfully delivering. It also did so with far less discomfort than one might experience from a deep tissue massage. I walked in to Laura feeling extremely sore in my neck and low back. When we were done with our session, I felt the most noticeable change in my condition than I’d ever experienced during my ten years of work with Laura"               Dan - Rochester, NY 

"Laura is an amazing massage therapist not just because she knows the body well and enables amazing relaxation and recovery, but also because she brings a deeper level of herself to her clients. She models positive, mindful behavior, and everything about her enables clients to get more out of the work she does with them. She's patient and kind, and her body work is absolutely the best I've experienced. I've had massages all over the country and world as I traveled for work, and I've always been happiest by far with how I feel after working with Laura. She's truly the best!"                         Dawn - Rochester, NY 

"From the moment I walk into Laura's office for a session  I feel cared about and cared for. She connects with me and also lets herself be intuitively guided as to what I need each time. Her sessions are healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! I am so grateful to have her on my team of well being!!"  Barb -  Canandaigua, NY